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Courses with STAP-Grant

€ 1.000 for your personal growth!

You’d like to develop new skills to conduct your job with more satisfaction and success. You’d like to improve your chances for finding a new job. You’d like to make changes in your career, which requires obtaining new knowledge or skills. Or you just enjoy continuous development and feel it’s rewarding to accomplish goals. You have plenty ambition and some time, but who is going to pay for it?

Up to a maximum of € 1,000.- the Dutch government is offering compensation for personal development. This grant is called STAP, a Dutch abbreviation for “STimulering Arbeidsmarkt Positie”, an incentive for improvement of labour market position.

Feedback Training & Consulting offers various programmes and courses well aligned with the aims of the STAP-grant. Courses especially geared to professionals seeking to invest in themselves. Training which enables you to develop, increase your knowledge, and give your career a boost.

What to expect?

Our highly skilled trainers conduct courses in the field of skills, attitudes, and behaviour. Their approach is personal and professional and focuses on discovery and growth of your own potential. Our course attendees appreciate our practical, fresh approach fitting with their unique characteristics.

Would you appreciate help to determine the course that fits your needs? Our study-advisors are available to give you the assistance you need. You can request their input via Study-advisors can help you determine what you’d like to achieve and find courses or workshops will get you there. For instance: we offer courses in communication, leadership, and commercial skills.

If you’re browsing our curriculum and discover an interesting course that is not yet ear-marked for a STAP-grant, please contact us, so we can see what is possible.

Who qualifies for a STAP-grant?

The STAP-grant can be used for a training or education listed in the STAP training register (in Dutch) on the Employee Insurance Agency’s (Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen, UWV) STAP portal (in Dutch). The STAP-grant replaces the tax deduction for employee training and education.

Almost everyone can, under some conditions, qualify for a STAP-grant. Employers, freelancers, but also people who are currently unemployed. If you live and work in the Netherlands and have a BSN number, you most likely are eligible! 

Your investment

Since the STAP-grant is a governmental compensation, there are no additional costs as long as the fee for the course is below € 1.000,- (including VAT). The STAP-grant will be paid directly to Feedback, therefore you are not required to advance any money. In case the costs of the course exceed the maximum grant, the remainder is at your own expense. 

It is risk free to register for a course at Feedback. In case the UWV declines your application (or the maximum of the available budget for the STAP-time period is reached), you can cancel free of charge.

Co-financing is possible

STAP covers the cost of a training course up to € 1.000,-. Fortunately, your employer can supplement the fee of your training, because these costs are tax-deductible for businesses.

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) published a letter in English to employers about using the STAP budget to motivate their employees. You can read this letter on the KVK website here.

Develop yourself with STAP-grant in 5 steps

  1. You find your desired course  at our website. All courses eligible for STAP are marked with the notice STAP-Grant "Yes". You can also see whether other costs are applicable.
  2. You register at the specific Trainings page. After registration, our back office will send you a confirmation and a so called “STAP-aanmeldbewijs” (STAP registration certificate). This is needed for step 3.
  3. You can apply for the STAP budget (in Dutch) via UWV's STAP portal. You need DigiD to login and upload your “STAP:-aanmeldbewijs”. Please note: Wait time may be long – please be patient and don’t navigate away from the page to keep your space in the queue.
  4. The UWV decides on your application.
  5. You follow the course and we report to the UWV that you succeeded.

How long will it take to get a response from the UWV?

Once the UWV received your application they will send you a confirmation email. They  will then take up to four weeks to make a decision. If your choice is approved, the government will transfer payment to Feedback Training & Consulting. We’ll then convert your approval into enrolment in your course and send you confirmation.

Eligibility criteria

The Stap-grant is meant for all employees, freelancers and job seekers who want to improve their chances on the labour market. You are eligible for this grant if:

  • you can demonstrate ties with the Dutch labour market, and
  • you cannot apply for other forms of financing for education, such as student finance

You can apply if:

  1. you have not applied for the STAP Budget in the current calendar year;
  2. you are between the age of 18 and 67;
  3. you do not receive old age pension (AOW);
  4. you or your (registered) partner have the Dutch nationality, or the nationality of another EU country;
  5. You’ve had Dutch income for at least 6 months, so you are covered by social security. National insurance contributions are automatically taken from these wages, making you eligible for STAP.

All conditions are listed in UWV’s STAP portal. You can check if you are eligible with the Dutch-language pre-check.

Start your application at the right time

Every 2 months a new application round opens. It is important that you apply at the right time, considering the following:

  • Your course may start 4 weeks after the start of a STAP-round;
  • The course must start within 3 months afterwards the STAP-round for which you apply;
  • See the overview below for the exact STAP-rounds, the dates to start and end the course.

For example: if you want to apply for a STAP-grant in the first round of 2023, from January 1st to February 28th:

  • You find a course on our website that starts somewhere between January 29th and   May 31st;
  • You apply for the STAP-grant as soon as possible after January 1st, ten o’clock.

The government has allocated funding for STAP through 2026. STAP-grants become available in two-month windows. Each year, about €32M in funds (enough for about 320.000 people) will be released at the start of January, March, May, July, September, and November. Details about budget availability can be found at  STAP portal of the UWV (Dutch only).

Please note. Funding is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Demand is high, so you need to be quick! This is why it’s key that you register for a course with us and finalize your application in the STAP portal as soon as you can the moment your funding window opens at that specific date. Best to do this no later than 10 o’clock AM. 

Once a subsidy is granted you can only apply the next year for another one.


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Register directly for a course conducted by Feedback Training & Consulting or ask for more information regarding the STAP-grant.

- Visit our special STAP-page and download our brochure.

- To apply for the STAP Grant, log in at your account at the UWV STAP portal. Here you can find all information regarding the STAP grant, including an overview of questions and answers.