Succes is een reis, en niet een bestemming.

Lidmaatschap Feedback International netwerk

Our ambition is to make the world a little better, together with you. We decided to introduce the role of network partner. You can join us as a network partner. In consultation we determine whether you do this under your own or under the Feedback International flag.


We believe that an international network of professionals is enriching and enables high-quality cross border assignments. What you can expect as a connected partner is support in four areas:

Training and development

  • Monthly online training days in line with proven programs and concepts. The offer is also geared to your needs. Sustainable development is central.
  • Certification opportunities for assessment and measurement instruments and the purchase of these instruments at attractive rates. See  assessmentinstruments.

Product development

  • Access to our toolkit Brains which includes training programs, workshops, work formats, energizers, e-learnings and materials that you can use as a trainer, coach and/or consultant. You can use various templates and be inspired by example proposals linked to a wide range of topics. In addition, the ability to use the Context Centered Coaching platform MyGoals and other online tooling.
  • Sparring on proposals and tailor-made programs as you have sold them to clients during peer review and supervision sessions.

Marketing and sales

  • Through the Sales4Success program you will be supported in your entrepreneurship. You will learn and further develop your acquisition, consulting and sales skills and can participate in joint marketing campaigns. In addition, certifications, such as the ISO 27001 certification for information security, can help you to meet the increasingly higher requirements of clients.
  • Marketing support in the form of a website, social media posts that can be customized to your signature and other marketing materials. You can also use the evaluation tool to collect testimonials after you have completed an assignment, which can then be automatically forwarded to intermediary platforms (such as Springest).

Support organization

  • Optionally you can use the Feedback backoffice Hands free. They can support you with IT related issues. This is on a user-paid basis.
  • In addition, at attractive rates, you can use programs such as Teamleader (relationship management system), Microsoft Office programs and the billing tool €asy specially developed for partners who work together in the network.

Your investment

Instead of paying a 25 percent fee on your turnover, as a network member you invest €97.50 per month. Experience so far shows that you can earn back your investment. We are happy to share examples.

The most important reason for joining, however, is your passion for the profession, for wanting to work with other professionals and for wanting to be of significance toclients. This in a way where head, heart and hands are connected. The introduction program for the next group of network partners will take place in May. Will you join us?