Nothing is more confusing than people who give good advice, but set a bad example

Norman Vincent Peale

Consultancy skills

You’ll learn the importance of your own behaviour in a successful consultancy process, in Successful Consultancy training.

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What does the training give you?

You’ll sets goals and you’ll know how to achieve them. You’ll have learned how to undertake a good consultancy process. As a result, you can also better undertake other roles, such as process supervisor and coach. Improved insights into the relationship between client and adviser gives you more points of reference. You’ll have the choice of different styles that you can employ in the correct stages of the consultancy process.

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The following subjects, and more, will be discussed during the training:

  • Which different consultancy situations are there in practice?
  • What is situational consultancy and how do you do it?
  • What does the phasing of the consultancy process look like?
  • What kind of behaviour do you encounter and how do you create equivalent communication?
  • How do you determine the desired situation, the current situation and your strategy and approach?
  • What is the gap between the declared objectives and the current situation and how do you examine these?
  • What are the concrete measurement points (performance indicators) for what you want to achieve and how do you achieve those goals?
  • How do you develop a clear vision and how do you present the effects of your advice in a powerful way?
  • Which different advisory styles and roles can you adopt as a consultant?
  • How do you get acceptance of your opinions and goals?
  • What makes an implementation successful?

This is a blended training. Knowledge and insights about the topics of this training will be made available through the digital learning environment of Feedback Training & Consulting before, during and after the training. As knowledge and insights are gained in advance there is more time during the training days to make the translation to their own situation and practice. This results in an even better (learning) outcome.


Turn your advice into visible results, thanks to these learning objectives and resources:

  • You effortlessly apply your advice in different situations, and you keep up with the pace of your customers
  • You recognize the stages of the consultancy process and you know what and when something is feasible
  • You choose from different styles and roles as a consultant
  • You’ll receive a manual that you can use as a reference work and a handy checklist for your advice.

Price of open registration

The price of the four-day open enrolment programme, Consultancy Skills, is € 1,980. This amount is exclusive of VAT, but includes costs of materials and refreshments.

The dates are determined in mutual agreement.
We also offer our courses in Dutch, German, French or Spanish. Please contact us for more information.