What we do

Growth requires more than just skill development. To be true to yourself and stay true to your yourself, development needs to take place in line with who you are. Only then can you become the best version of yourself.

That's why Feedback chooses development in line with your personality. In that way, the behaviour that is asked to achieve results feels more comfortable and not like writing with your left when you’re right-handed. Just being able to do something, doesn’t mean it will get done. That’s why desire is also vital. Without desire, it’ll never be possible. And finally, environment plays a role. If this is not supportive, then you can take on certain things with great desire but it won’t be made easy.

Feedback’s services match the four factors that lead to desired behaviour and results.

  • The Intrinsicaspects are identified with tools that give an impression of your unique personality, talents and qualities. You will find them under Assessments and measurements.
  • The learnedaspects focuses on training skills, attitude and behaviour. Training takes place in line with the Intrinsic aspects and attention is given to convictions that can support you with what you want to achieve (Commitment aspect) and the context. Under the heading Training and workshops you will find what we have to offer.
  • The Commitment aspect focuses on the convictions that play a part in developing desired behaviour. If you want to know more, click here Coaching and career guidance.
  • Finally, attention to the Context makes it possible to attain the desired results with the right behaviour and the right activities. The Feedback services that fall under Strategy and Organisation focus on this.