Would you like being your own costumer?

Customer-focused thinking and doing

In all that you do, you should really consider this question.  You’ll learn how to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and get great results in, Customer-focused thinking and doing training.

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You’ll know and understand the wishes of the customer and you adjust your thinking and acting accordingly. You’ll be aware of the processes that play a part in the relationships with customers. You’ll learn how to proactively win and retain customers. Your collaboration with both internal and external customers and other important parties will also improve.
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The following subjects, and more, will be discussed during the training:

  • What are the goals of your company, your department, and yourself?
  • What customers do you have and what are their characteristics?
  • Which written, personal and telephone contact moments do you have?
  • How do you overcome your client's expectations at those moments?
  • How do you determine what your client needs are?
  • How do you translate the strengths of your business, product or service into benefits for the customer?
  • Why does a customer choose for you personally or for your organisation?
  • How do you become a partner in business with your customer or supplier?
  • How do you create a win-win situation?
  • How do you ensure a customer-focused collaboration?

This is a blended training. Knowledge and insights about the topics of this training will be made available through the digital learning environment of Feedback Training & Consulting before, during and after the training. As knowledge and insights are gained in advance there is more time during the training days to make the translation to their own situation and practice. This results in an even better (learning) outcome.


Your ability to empathise with the world of your customers, suppliers and colleagues will receive a new impetus. You’ll be able to tailor your services exactly to their needs, thanks to these learning objectives and resources:

  • you’ll know how customers see you
  • you’ll understand how important your customer's experience is
  • you’ll know how to align your thinking and acting to the customer’s expectations of you
  • you’ll take that one step extra, so that your customer will again choose you
  • your results will improve greatly, and your fun at work too
  • you’ll receive a manual containing all the theory

The price of the two-day open enrolment programme, Customer-focused thinking and doing, is € 990. This amount is exclusive of VAT, but includes costs of materials and refreshments.
This training can also be taken in-company, tailored-made to the specific situation which applies within your organisation. Feedback is happy to make a proposal.

The dates are determined in mutual agreement.
We also offer our courses in Dutch, German, French or Spanish. Please contact us for more information.