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LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator training

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY ® is an inspiring and impactful process methodology for strategy and vision development, team building, entrepreneurship and innovation. By bringing the most important stakeholders together, building together and entering into a dialogue about their creations, new solutions are developed for existing problems or ambitions to be realised.

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The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY (LSP) methodology contributes to a positive dynamic, powerful new insights and is also lots of fun. Dealing with changes and building on improvements at an individual, team, organisational, business and/or chain level, takes on form and substances, and provides a new energy with a focus on the future.

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY® methodology was developed by the Association of Master Trainers, at a time when its ‘founding fathers’ were still part of the LEGO Company. Feedback Training & Consulting organises official, internationally recognised facilitator training programmes and facilitates (large group) events and workshops using the LSP methodology. They also support certified facilitators with a toolkit with various working methods that can be used to achieve a variety of development goals.

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology is a practical method. The system is based on one of the best thought-out development methods available – constructionism – and one of the most applied motivational theories – FLOW. The methodology is solid and well thought-out, but at the same time every manager and employee can start working with it immediately. When followed under the guidance of a certified facilitator, you will never forget your experience with this methodology.


The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator training is the only programme allowing the participant to get to work with all seven application techniques. The training is offered in accordance with the guidelines of the Association of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY master trainers.

The approach ensures that you have developed all the professional skills when you have completed the training, know the theoretical backgrounds and know how preparation and support will result in offering the most added value to your customers and participants. In addition, you will learn to design workshops using the LSP methodology in line with the various themes clients invite you for.

With this methodology, your participants will be able to achieve the following results:
•    Gaining insight into a solution to a complex and difficult problem, to which there is no clear answer (yet);
•    Looking beyond their own boundaries and seeing interrelationships;
•    Gaining a picture of the various options and scenarios, allowing them to select possible solutions;
•    Generating involvement and ownership with regard to the process, the change and the path towards a solution;
•    Honest, open and interactive communication.

See the annex for information about the objectives and the day programme.


The investment for this unique LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator programme is €3,250.00. This fee is excluding VAT, travel and accommodation costs, but including catering during this four-day programme and a handy toolkit with various working methods. 

The dates are determined in mutual agreement.
We also offer our courses in Dutch, German, French or Spanish. Please contact us for more information.