The difficult part in an argument is not to defend one's opinion but rather to know it.

André Maurois

Successful meetings

Knowing the agenda items and your position in it. Ensure that items are dealt with and handled properly and all within the agreed time frame. This is the art of effective meetings.

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Who had some agenda items?

You know the items before the meeting and your views about them. You deal with agenda items purposefully and all within the agreed time frame. This is the art of effective meetings You’ll learn how best to do this in the Successful Meetings training.  

What does the training give you?

You’ll earn how to handle and resolve all agenda items within the set meeting time. You’ll also know per agenda item what you want to achieve. You are well prepared and a professional chairman and/or participant.
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The following subjects, and more, will be discussed during the training:

  • What does the chairperson, minutes taker and participants do?
  • Why and how often you do you hold a meeting and with whom?
  • How do you make a good agenda?
  • What decision-making techniques are there and what different ways can you hold a meeting?
  • How do you lead a meeting?
  • How to formulate and present your own position?
  • What influence strategies are there, how do you recognise them and how do you apply them in an ethically responsible manner?
  • What do you do if participants stray from the subject, become too wordy or just stay silent?
  • How do you ensure that all participants are involved?
  • How do you deal with disagreement or resistance in the group?
  • In what way do you ensure that all agenda items are handled within the time?
  • How do you record agreed appointments and how to make follow-up appointments?
  • How do you communicate the results of the meeting?
  • How do you give a good follow-up to a meeting?

Want to know more about the topics mentioned above or do you not see your topic(s) here? Feel free to contact us for more information and advice.
This is a blended training. Knowledge and insights about the topics of this training will be made available through the digital learning environment of Feedback Training & Consulting before, during and after the training. As knowledge and insights are gained in advance there is more time during the training days to make the translation to their own situation and practice. This results in an even better (learning) outcome.


Your meeting partners will be happy to meet with you. They’ll know what they can expect from you. You’ll hold efficient and effective meetings. You’ll learn to hold meetings through these learning objectives and resources:

  • you’ll know how to prepare for a meeting
  • you’ll know the do's and don'ts of chairmanship and participants
  • you’ll know the rules for professional meetings
  • you’ll receive a manual with all the theory and a handy checklist that you can use in your daily practice.

The price of the two-day open enrolment programme, Meetings, is € 990. This amount is exclusive of VAT, but includes costs of materials and refreshments.

This training can also be taken in-company, tailored-made to the specific situation which applies within your organisation. Feedback is happy to make a proposal.

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The dates are determined in mutual agreement.
We also offer our courses in Dutch, German, French or Spanish. Please contact us for more information.