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Train the trainer

The secret of giving engaging and effective training lies in the ability to guide your participants so that the training goals are met.

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Do one thing out of the 1001 possibilities

The secret of giving engaging and effective training lies in the ability to guide your participants so that the training goals are met. In Train the trainer you will learn what to choose out of the 1001 possibilities that will help you achieve the goal.

What does the training give you?

You train various individuals and groups and teach them the necessary knowledge and skills that they will use successfully in practice. You prepare your training programmes in a targeted way, convey your enthusiasm to your participants and you achieve the agreed goals.

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The following subjects, and more, will be discussed during the training:

  • What does a script look like and what is the best way to prepare?
  • In which way do you adjust the learning goals?
  • How do you guide the introductions, present yourself and make contact with the group?
  • What are the Golden Moments and what do the participants experience?
  • What learning styles are there (David Kolb, Manon Ruijters), how do you recognize them in your participants and how do you use them in your training?
  • How do you train interactively?
  • How do you open and how do you close a training or component in a surprising way?
  • How do you formulate a strong content message?
  • What performance do you use to convey the message and what working methods keep people engaged?
  • What are the do's and don'ts around employing role-playing and other exercises?
  • How do you embed your subject matter and via which three-stage rocket do you give your feedback?
  • How do you deal with resistance and which approach works with difficult participants?
  • How do you combine your pace and quality?
  • What is useful to know about the use of visual aids?

This is a blended training. Knowledge and insights about the topics of this training will be made available through the digital learning environment of Feedback Training & Consulting before, during and after the training. As knowledge and insights are gained in advance there is more time during the training days to make the translation to their own situation and practice. This results in an even better (learning) outcome.


You know how establish what your training groups are going to achieve, thanks to these learning objectives and resources:

  • You set up a solid training programme
  • You stand firm and find the central thread every time, even in the most unexpected training situations
  • You show skilled and balanced variety with the use of training materials and resources
  • You will receive a manual containing all the theory
  • You receive a checklist, tools, and examples of invitations, timelines, Power Point slides, etc.

The price of the four-day open enrolment programme, Train the trainer, is € 1,980. This amount is exclusive of VAT, but includes costs of materials and refreshments.

This training can also be taken in-company, tailored-made to the specific situation which applies within your organisation. Feedback is happy to make a proposal.

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The dates are determined in mutual agreement.

We also offer our courses in Dutch, German, French or Spanish. Please contact us for more information.