Proactivity is being one step ahead.

Entrepreneurial behaviour

Demonstrating entrepreneurial behaviour means innovating and investing in yourself.

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Everyone provides added value with his or her specific qualities. Added value that is linked to the phase in which the organisation currently finds itself. You will learn how to identify and utilise your opportunities, and proactively create value for your company and (future) clients and employers during Entrepreneurial behaviour.

The following subjects, and more, will be discussed during the training, increasing your entrepreneurship and enterprising actions:

  • What kind of entrepreneurship best suits your values and motivations?
  • What is your behavioural style and how can you act proactively and entrepreneurially within that behavioural style?
  • At what times and/or in which contexts do you want to exhibit more initiative and entrepreneurial behaviour?
  • What are your performance, business and behaviour objectives in those situations?
  • Does your behaviour look like a success factor?
  • Passion - love. What do I love? (motivations)
  • Vision - create. What do I want to create in the world?
  • Mission - contribute. What do I want to contribute?
  • Ambition - achieve. What do I want to achieve?
  • Role - become. What do I want to be?
  • Which behaviour do you want to use more, which behaviour less, what kind of new behaviour do you want to exhibit and what behaviour do you want to be rid of to allow you to identify and utilise more opportunities and create more value?
  • What personal branding results from the above mentioned that matches your specific personal quality and strength?
  • How do you block yourself so that you don’t show your desired behaviour and how can you break that ineffective behaviour?
  • In what way does this shift in thinking help you achieve your goals?
  • How do you get through setbacks or change the stages of denial, resistance and seeing opportunities for proactivity?
  • What are the questions and/or complaints you receive from others and how can you prevent them by acting proactively?
  • How can you increase your influence and persuasiveness? You’ll get to know the six influence strategies of Robert Cialdini.
  • How do you translate your strengths into benefits for your environment?
  • How can you increase your goodwill factor?
  • How do you make the difference with impressive results?


At the end of the training you’ll receive a message with the most important insights on the subject of Entrepreneurial behaviour . In addition, you will successfully display entrepreneurial behaviour in a way that suits you, thanks to the following tools:

  • a personal action plan in which performance goals and objectives are identified in terms of activities and behaviour
  • a reflection tool that you can use for yourself when convictions are blocking entrepreneurial behaviour.

The price of the open enrolment programme, Entrepreneurial Behaviour, is € 1,690. This amount is exclusive of VAT, but includes analysis, telephone intake, material costs and refreshments. The training covers a total of two and a half days. A tailor-made training course is also possible.
The training location is at Panta rhei Meetingplace, our atmospheric cafeteria on the Oudegracht in Utrecht. The training times vary.

The dates are determined in mutual agreement.

We also offer our courses in Dutch, German, French or Spanish. Please contact us for more information.