Growth requires feedback

Virtual training Asking, giving and receiving feedback

Personal and professional growth requires being able to ask and give each other feedback. This programme focuses on how to do this in a safe, growth-oriented way at individual, team and organisational level.

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  • Give successful feedback, in a way that matches the behaviour and/or the cultural background of the other person.
  • Lear to ask, give and receive feedback in a style that suits you and leads to the desired result.
  • Lear to ask for feedback via the Feedforward method. You will be able to deal with the suggestions you receive in a professional manner, choose what elements to apply and how to put new behaviour into practice.  
  • Contribute to increasing team effectiveness by giving feedback on ineffective patterns that need to be broken.

During this virtual training the following topics (depending on the development needs) will be discussed:


  • Which structure do you use when giving feedback?
  • How do you ask and receive growth-oriented feedback using the Feedforward method?
  • Which criteria do you apply when giving and receiving feedback?
  • How do you make others aware of the points for improvement you have identified?
  • How do you convey what you see and what effect this has?
  • What are the characteristics of positively conveyed recommendations regarding desired behaviour and results?
  • How do you give compliments to other people?


  • How does the amygdala hijack affect asking, giving and receiving feedback?
  • What characterises a fixed mindset and how do you develop a growth mindset?
  • How do you ensure the feedback you give is accepted?
  • What are the reactions you can expect when giving feedback and how do you successfully respond to those reactions?
  • How do you distinguish between what you say and how you say it?
  • How do you put points of improvements into words?
  • What do you do if the other person does not properly act on suggestions?
  • Why do you use the here and now of a situation and how do you do that?

Working on a feedback culture

  • How do you encourage a feedback culture within a department or organisation?
  • How do you identify ineffective patterns within your team or organisation and how do you break them?
  • How do you overcome cultural differences when dealing with team members from different cultural backgrounds?
  • Which tools (apps, working methods, micro-learnings, etc.) support the building of a feedback culture and support you and other in achieving personal and professional growth?

Working method during this virtual training

This is a blended, online training with live video meetings, both group meetings as well as one-on-one meetings. Knowledge of and insights in the topics of this training are made available before, during and after the virtual trainings via Feedback Training & Consulting's digital learning environment.

Because knowledge and insights are gained in advance and during the training, there is more time during the online meetings to make the translation to your own situation and practice. This results in even better (learning) results.


A toolkit is made available with:

  • Theoretical backgrounds and checklists.
  • Useful overviews to identify and bridge cultural differences.
  • A large number of working methods to use feedback and feedforward at individual, team or organisational level.
  • Links to inspiring videos and podcasts.
  • Feedz (micro-interventions) which are sent to mobile devices, to transfer knowledge and skills, raise awareness, provide inspiration and embed what has been learned.

This toolkit can also be purchased separately via de Feedback shop and costs €250.


The programme has the following structure:

Week 1

  • Module I: Intake session, to get to know each other, determine the learning objectives, explain the working method and introduce the subject of asking, giving and receiving feedback.
  • Module II: E-learning module via the digital learning environment.

Week 3

  • Module III: Virtual practice session - Give successful feedback.
  • Module IV: Virtual practice session - Asking for feedback via the Feedforward method.

Week 6

  • Module V: Virtual practice session - Working on a feedback culture.

Week 19

  • Embed the webinar after three months, with a review of the most important insights and use chat to discuss situations and ask and answer personal questions, live or one-on-one.

During the total programme

  • A Feedz programme. Feedz are micro-interventions that are part of the programme. They are sent to the participants prior to the sessions for inspiration, to provide them with the desired basic knowledge and to raise awareness about the topic of the training. The Feedz, for example, consist of knowledge transfer, short inspiring videos, preparatory questions and small practical assignments. The Feedz require little time to get started and are sent via push messages to mobile devices or e-mail addresses at different times. They contribute to personal growth and achieving the intended results. The Feedz will also be used following the virtual sessions, to realise sustainable improvements. 

And finally

This virtual training can also be followed in an open registration setting. In addition, we like to think along with you about in-company virtual or classroom variants. The training can be offered in various languages, with a focus on cultural differences. Virtual coaching on this content is also one of the possibilities.

Your investment in this virtual training is €990. This fee is excluding VAT, including toolbox.

The dates are determined in mutual agreement.
We also offer our courses in Dutch, German, French or Spanish. Please contact us for more information.