You never fail until you stop trying

Albert Einstein

Heidi de Koning

My passion

Enlarging room for choices and behaviour possibilities of people and teams is my passion. The desire for development, meaning and purpose are important values of every person. Making people aware of these values and develop them is my main motivation. I experience that customers do appreciate this point of view and that they like to give shape to personal- and teamprograms together with me. In addition to that, I stimulate organisations and individuals tot develop in line with their natural style and the associated behaviour.

My expertise

The risk of being absorbed in certain patterns is high, when you are not free in what you do. Jointly exploring situations and problem- areas provides information on behavioural patterns of individuals and teams. Functional and non- functional patterns become evident. My strength lies in confirming and breaking those patterns, and to rebuild them in line with the individual or organisational objectives.

An effective method which helps me achieving this is RET (Rational Emotive Theory). Together with the individual or with the team, exploring thoughts on their rationality and effectiveness. Knowledge and insights alone do not lead to changes in culture or behaviour. Sense of urgency is also important. On top of that, I make use of various elements out of the systemtheory, like ‘here- and- now’- situations, to disclose various interaction patterns.

My style

As a coach I am my own tool. My style is practical, strongly focussed on tackling causes, reflective, confronting and people- oriented.