Knowing what you are doing and doing what you know

Interpersonal effectiveness in team and organization

Knowing what you do and doing what you know. It's an art. And that art starts with getting to know yourself even better.

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Based on this self-knowledge, you can determine what you would like to do differently to then take specific action. Only after you have achieved victories over yourself can you more effectively connect with others and work together successfully. After putting the focus on you during the first training days, you learn to become aware of what is happening in the interaction with the other person and within your organization, and what may be hindering factors. Why do you and the other person react as you do in certain situations? And how can you further improve the relationship and interaction with others? This is the central focus of this impactful program, I, the other person and my organization, discussing practical concepts from Transactional Analysis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Systemic Working and Positive Psychology.

This is a blended training. Knowledge of and insights in the topics of this training are made available before, during and after the training by Feedback Training & Consulting. Because knowledge and insights are gained in advance and during the training, there is more time during the training days to make the translation to your own situation and practice. This results in an even better (learning) result.

The dates are determined in mutual agreement.

We also offer our courses in Dutch, German, French or Spanish. Please contact us for more information.