Leadership is not a title or a position, it's action and example


Management courses top three

The most popular courses for managers.

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    Deep Democracy and working with undercurrents in your daily practice

    Do you recognize that decision-making is stuck? Do you have commitments that are not being met? Or do you feel that things are happening within your team or organisation that aren’t coming out in the open?

Enhancing courses

Succesfully tuning moments of truth into reality

  1. Cross-Cultural Awareness, Communication, and Collaboration

    We increasingly work with people from different cultures, both within our organisation and beyond. Dealing with different cultures is the challenge we face more and more.

  2. Successful meetings

    Knowing the agenda items and your position in it. Ensure that items are dealt with and handled properly and all within the agreed time frame. This is the art of effective meetings.

  3. Management

    You will learn through the training how important it is to give a good example as a manager by your own behaviour.

  4. Asking for, giving and receiving feedback

    With all due respect... What comes after is perhaps respectful, but usually also deadly. The above statement clearly shows how valuable giving the right feedback to others is.

  5. Influencing and persuading

    Did you ever hear yourself saying yes to something and were then surprised that you agreed with it?

  6. I, the other person and my organization

    Knowing what you do and doing what you know. It's an art. And that art starts with getting to know yourself even better.

  7. Personal effectiveness in a way that suits you

    Develop yourself your own way.

Other courses

  1. Networking and your career

    You will learn how easy it is to get more value out of networking meetings in the Networking and connections training.