Confidence and enthousiasm are the greatest sales producers in any kind of economy


Top three courses sales and customer focus

The most popular courses about sales and customer focus.

  1. 1

    Negotiation skills

    You will be taught how to negotiate successfully without jeopardising relationships in the Negotiation training.

  2. 2

    Customer-focused thinking and doing

    In all that you do, you should really consider this question. You’ll learn how to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and get great results in, Customer-focused thinking and doing training.

Acquisition skills, conference skills and networking skills

Succesfully making contact and seizing oppotunities by participation in one of the following courses.

  1. Networking and your career

    You will learn how easy it is to get more value out of networking meetings in the Networking and connections training.

  2. Practical application of emotional intelligence

    Do you also want happy (internal) customers that keep coming back? In addition to offering unique products or services, you as an employee make the difference. Your attitude is all-important.

Enhancing courses sales and customer focus

Develop yourself bij participation in one of the following courses.

  1. Result- and customer-focused sales

    Exceed expectations A good seller has his own drive and he knows how to enthuse his customers by exceeding their expectations each time. You’ll learn how best to do this in the Result-and customer-focused sales training.

  2. Entrepreneurial behaviour

    Demonstrating entrepreneurial behaviour means innovating and investing in yourself.

  3. Influencing and persuading

    Did you ever hear yourself saying yes to something and were then surprised that you agreed with it?

  4. Persuasive Presentations

    Umm, well, this was actually my presentation ... A good speaker stops before his audience expects it. You’ll learn this during the Persuasive Presentations training.