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Lin Yutang

Coaching and career guidance

In order to find the right direction and realise the intended result with the help of coaching, Feedback Training & Consulting analyses the coaching question from our unique 4success approach. With this approach we look at the coaching question from different perspectives. Thus we arrive at the appropriate intervention based on the personal strength of the coach, the team and/or the organisation.

In coaching, we focus on the following fundamentals:

  • based on mutual trust
  • the desire to take action
  • the coaching question as a starting point
  • taking responsibility for your own learning process
  • movement that suits the person
  • finality: creating independence.

People want to change, but not be changed.

A coach can be the driver of this. Based on the coaching question, certified coaches support individuals, groups and teams to target their development. The style used should give the coach or team. This may include team coaching or forms of individual coaching such as personal coaching, career coaching and executive coaching. You can read more about these possibilities here.

  • Personal coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Career guidance
  • Train the coach