Your perception of me is a reflection of you

The 4Success approach

Four factors that lead to growth

According to Feedback’s vision, four factors play a role in the growth of behaviour that leads to results. These four factors are reflected in our 4Success approach. They are linked to the four pillars of our services. It is precisely this varied examination of customer issues which makes Feedback Training & Consulting unique.

Factor 1: Nature

First of all, a person's DNA, their natural behaviour which include personality and intelligence. We call this the nature aspect. This can include introvert or extrovert characteristics.
Our assessors focus on the intrinsic aspect. Read more about our services in the field of Assessments & Measurements.

Factor 2: Nurture

By developing (the nuture aspect) in line with natural behaviour, people feel more comfortable and achieve your intended outcomes.
Our trainers focus on the learned side by taking into account someone's personality. Read more about our services in the field of Training & workshops.
Suppose someone is seemingly competent for the job and thus has the knowledge, skills and experience, and, in terms of personality, is also able to show the desired behaviour, in practice however, that does not automatically lead to their ability to do the job. Two other factors play a role. Factors which coaches, consultants, and trainers take into account when they guide development strategies.

Factor 3: Commitment

The commitment factor is about desire. About one's passion and convictions. Even though I am able to manage with a coaching style, I can also employ a more direct supervising approach if I believe that my team is not proactive enough. If that passivity is actually due to the style of leadership, that awareness must first be created. Another example of a situation which requires a commitment intervention; I am normally a successful salesperson but I can’t seem to sell a particular product. I can sell, but apparently I don’t believe in that particular product. Training sales skills doesn’t make sense in this case.
Our coaches are specialised in commitment interventions.  Read more about our services in the field of Coaching & career guidance. Our trainers are also able to do identity interventions when skills development does not lead to the desired behaviour.

Factor 4: Context

Finally, the context may be undermining the ability to show behaviour that leads to results. Think in terms of rewarding an old behaviour instead of a desired behaviour. For example, a bonus system which is aimed at acquiring new customers, while the focus should be on current customer relations. The culture of the organisation, the establishment of processes and the exemplary behaviour of executives also plays a role in the creation of a supporting context.
Our change management experts are specialised in context. Read more about our services in the field of Strategy & organisation.

Our approach

The vision of Feedback Training & Consulting in terms of personal development is that you should always determine which role the four factors play in the growth towards desired behaviour and the desired culture.
Together with the customer, participant and/or coach, we determine which factors need to be addressed to achieve the desired result. Occasionally it's one of the factors, often there are multiple and sometimes even all four. We therefore employ several specialists. Assessors and trainers focus on the intrinsic and learned aspects respectively. The coaches are specialised in commitment interventions and change management in context.
It is precisely this varied examination of customer issues which makes Feedback Training & Consulting unique. In short, Feedback Training & Consulting connects four determinants and thereby develops behaviour that leads to results.